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Sony Ericsson HBH-660 Bluetooth Caller ID Headset
Quantity in Basket:none

Shipping Weight:3.00 Pounds

Sony Ericsson HBH-660 Akono™ Bluetooth Headset


Lightweight and stylish, this Bluetooth headset can be used with any brand of Bluetooth phone that supports the Headset or Handsfree profiles. Exclusive and stylish, Akono™ Headset HBH-660 is the first Bluetooth™ headset with caller ID.The ear loop is flexible enough to fit most ears and sturdy enough to make the headset stay in place even when you`re in motion. You can leave your phone in a pocket or a bag and handle all your calls through the easy-to-use buttons on the headset.

  Unlike every other bluetooth headset you have seen – the HBH-660 has an Info Display for easier call handling. When the phone rings, you just check the Info Display to see who is calling, and decide whether you want to take or reject the call.The exquisite, discreet design of the Akono™ Headset HBH-660 fits in, yet stands out. Stylish appearance - without compromising comfort.And with a talk time of up to 5 hours and a standby time of up to 150 hours, you know you have great capacity. The HBH-660 works with any Bluetooth™ phone that supports the Bluetooth™ Headset or Handsfree profiles.

  • Exclusive Bluetooth™ solution with an Info Display for easier call handling.
  • A headset with a slender shape and discreet design for people who want a stylish appearance.
  • Convenience of Bluetooth™ wireless technology


  • Weight: 23 g
  • Color: Silver / Grey
  • Talk time: Up to 5 hrs
  • Standby time: Up to 150 hrs
Sony Ericsson HBH-660 Akono™ Headset compatibility list :


Audiovox SMT 5600

Blackberry 7100T Blackberry 7290 (unlocked) Blackberry 7520

i-mate JAM Pocket PC (unlocked) i-mate PDA2k Pocket PC (unlocked) i-mate Smartphone SP3 (unlocked) i-mate Smartphone SP3i (unlocked) i-mate™ Pocket PC (unlocked) i-mate™ Smartphone2 (unlocked) Qtek 8080 Smartphone (unlocked)

Motorola A630 (unlocked) Motorola A630 (unlocked) Motorola A768i (unlocked) Motorola E398 (Unlocked) Motorola E398 Blue (unlocked) Motorola E398 White (unlocked) Motorola MPX220 (unlocked) Motorola Razr V3 (Unlocked) Motorola Razr V3 Limited Edition (unlocked) Motorola v1000 (unlocked) Motorola V3 Razor (Unlocked) Motorola V505 Motorola V525 (unlocked) Motorola V551 (unlocked) Motorola v600 (unlocked) Motorola v620 (unlocked) Motorola v710 Motorola V80 (unlocked) Motorola V810 Motorola v975 (unlocked)

Nokia 3230 (unlocked) Nokia 3650 Nokia 3650 (unlocked) Nokia 3660 (unlocked) Nokia 6230 (unlocked) Nokia 6230 Pearl White (Unlocked) Nokia 6230 Silver (Unlocked) Nokia 6230B (unlocked) Nokia 6260 (unlocked) Nokia 6260 Black (unlocked) Nokia 6260 Silver Sand (unlocked) Nokia 6310i Nokia 6310i (unlocked) Nokia 6600 (unlocked) Nokia 6620 (unlocked) Nokia 6630 (unlocked) Nokia 6670 (unlocked) Nokia 6670 Blue (unlocked) Nokia 6820 (unlocked) Nokia 7260 (unlocked) Nokia 7280 (unlocked) Nokia 7610 (Unlocked) Nokia 7610 Black/Brown (unlocked) Nokia 7610 Black/Red (unlocked) Nokia 7610 Silver/Grey (unlocked) Nokia 9500 (unlocked)

PalmOne Treo 650 (unlocked)

Panasonic X70 (unlocked) Panasonic X700 (unlocked)

Sendo X (unlocked)

Sharp GX32 (unlocked) Sharp TM200 (unlocked)

Siemens S55 (unlocked) Siemens S65 (unlocked) Siemens SK65 (unlocked) Siemens SX1 (unlocked) Siemens SX56

Sony Ericsson
Ericsson R520m (unlocked) Ericsson T39m (unlocked) Ericsson T68 Ericsson T68i (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K500i Silver (unlocked) Sony Ericsson K700i (unlocked) Sony Ericsson P800 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson P900 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson P910 (Unlocked) Sony Ericsson P910a (unlocked) Sony Ericsson S700i (unlocked) Sony Ericsson S710 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson T610 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson T616 Sony Ericsson T630 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson T637 Sony Ericsson T637 (Unlocked) Sony Ericsson T68i Sony Ericsson V800 (unlocked) Sony Ericsson Z600 (unlocked)

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