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USA SmartStart Gold Prepaid SIM card
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USA SmartStart Gold Prepaid SIM Card For Unlocked GSM Phones
Your most economical choice for a prepaid SIM card for use in the USA


This SIM Card Includes:

A local US phone number in the area of your choice
International direct-dial numbers from other countries can be added to your SIM card,click for details
About 3/4 of an hour of airtime to get you started
 Voicemail, SMS messaging, Caller ID, Call Waiting and 3 Way-Calling
No contract, credit check or activation charges

Service Life

The starter USA-SmartStart Gold prepaid SIM for the USA is valid for 3 months from activation or your first reload. Unused call time credit will roll over into the next 90 day period (if you make arrangements for us to make a single reload within 88 days from your last reload). If no reloads are added initially your SIM will expire 90 days from the date of purchase.

Airtime Rates - Within The USA

The airtime rate with the $100 reload (the most popular) is 25¢ a minute. This includes incoming calls and all outbound calls with the USA. Incoming SMS messages are free, and outbound SMS messages cost 20¢ each.

Airtime Rates - International Calls

International calls with the USA-SmartStartGoldprepaid SIM card to destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa are approximately $1.50 per minute, in addition to your prepaid minutes. Calls to Canada/Mexico add 40¢ per minute and Jamaica/Island Countries add 80¢ per minute.

If you will be calling or travelling overseas frequently, we also have another option that allows you to call almost any country for much less. Be sure to call us at 1-800-872-7626 extension 0 to find out about your options.

For Example calls to the UK start at just 8¢ a minute for the International LD fees.

Activation Instructions

We will send you a fully activated SIM card(s) with an assigned mobile number. All you have to do is tell us your preferred city and we will do all the up front activation and account set up work for you.

If you are using your own GSM phone and it asks you to enter a special code after you put the SIM in your phone, you must confirm that the phone is not locked. InTouch Smartcards provides a wide selection of unlocked phones that meet almost any need. Check out the latest selection of newGSM phonesthat would work with this SIM.

Adding Credit

The USA-SmartStart Gold prepaid SIM may need to be reloaded once every 90 days to keep the account current unless the $199 reload is purchased, which is good for 1 year.

Reloads are available from Smartcards in the following increments:

$199 = 1,000 (19¢ a minute)

$100 = 400 minutes (25¢ a minute)

$40 = 130 minutes (30¢ a minute)

To Reload your SIM card after you arrive in the USA please call 1-800-USA-ROAM x110 or from overseas call 1-703-620-0879. Reloads are typically purchased in $100 increments.

Voicemail Instructions

Enter 123 and press send from your wireless phone.

Enter the last four digits of you mobile number when asked for your PIN code.

Follow the recorded instructions, including recording a personalized greeting.

Your SIM will automatically forward callers to your voicemail if you cannot be reached.

To check your messages when in the USA simply enter 123 and press send.

From outside of the USA dial your phone number, +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX, press * and enter your PIN code (the last four digits of your mobile number).

Other Features

Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Hold

Coverage And Other Important Details

Click on the image for detailed map

The USA-SmartStart Gold SIMs can be used on either the T-mobile or some Cingular GSM Networks. If you will not be traveling to a major US city, you should contact us to inquire if the cities you will be traveling to have the required GSM service. We also offer TDMA and CDMA digital phones for any rental, auto travel or touring of the USA.

Attention International customers: Many rural areas are not serviced by GSM, and some areas in the USA with GSM do not accept this prepaid service. Please do not assume coverage, check the coverage map for service areas.

Your Smartstart Gold SIM can now also be used in the following areas outside of the USA with the following additional roaming charges:

Canada69¢ per minute
Mexico$1.49 per minute
Puerto Rico69¢ per minute
US Virgin Islands$1.49 per minute

Ordering Instructions

To order your new USA-SmartStart Gold Prepaid SIM please call 1-800-872-7626 x0 from the USA, or 1-703-222-7161 x110 from outside of the USA and tell us the following things in your phone call:

1. What is your 1st and 2nd choice for a mobile number area code?

2. Which two major cities are closest to your requested area code?

3. What is your US zip/postal code?

If you order the above SIM through the web site we will need to speak with you by phone or in your payment email to get the above questions answered before we can prepare your SIM for shipment.

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