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USA 380 Country Specific SIM For The U.S.A.
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USA-380 SIM Card For The U.S.A. The Only Prepaid SIM For The USA With Rollover Minutes

This new Prepaid USA-380 GSM SIM Card lets you try instant GSM service in most major US cities.

USA-380 can be used on a variety of US GSM networks, including Suncom, AT&T, T-Mobile and Cingular.

For only $99 you can get a fully activated InTouch Smartcards GSM SIM with over three hours of USA starter airtime ($99 includes SIM card, starter airtime and activation). There is no contract, credit check, or monthly bill, but when purchasing this card you must either take our bonus $99 reload which extends the SIM for one year, or agree to keep your SIM active for three months. With our auto reload  when your SIM runs low you can receive an automatic reload so that you will never run out of airtime. This is also the first US prepaid product with GPRS high speed internet access available.

Anyone can use USA-380 in the USA where GSM service is available with 5 exclusive breakthrough features:

USA roaming prepaid
USA prepaid SIM with GPRS data (available when reloaded)
Direct dial international calling (DISCOUNT DIAL AROUND PLAN ALSO AVAILABLE)
Auto Reload via popular epayment methods or credit card
Immediate customer service for fast, timesaving reloads

In addition, when you select our basic 3.3 hour/30day reload ($39.95) initially or within the first 25 days from our activation, you will receive:

Up to 3.3 additional hours of peak time for USA calls
Free USA Long Distance
Rollover minutes when you select our automatic reload which adds additional minutes every 30 days

Works with all the new unlocked GSM phones

If you do not live in a major US city, you should email us toinquire if your city has the required GSM service. Do this before you purchase this item.

Airtime Rates - Within The U.S.A.

USA Calls are about 19¢ + taxes and fees a minute with a 3.3 hour reload or 15¢ a minute + tax with a 6.6 hour reload.
Calls originating in select roaming markets or North Carolina may be debited an additional 25¢ per minute + tax.

Incoming SMS messages are free. Sending an SMS or to reply is 10¢ per message.

Airtime Rates - International Calls

Direct dial international calling to over 220 countriesfrom the USA is available and is deducted from your credit balance additionally. Calls within the Digital Roaming Area may have additional charges incurred.

Direct Dial
With Our Discount Calling Service

Rates Above apply for calls to landlines only. Please contact us for specific rates if you will be calling overseas mobile phones, or clickHere for rates to other countries. This discount calling service can be added to your prepaid SIM in prepaid $50 blocks. Feel free to call us at 800-872-7626 Ext. 0 for more information.

Service Life

You have 30 days to use your initial credit before reloading (unless you added our special one year extension).  Your unused call time credit will roll over into the next 30 day period then we will automatically charge your credit card for a reload within 28 days of the original activation date.

You can also establish an auto recharge feature for the mobile account every 30 days.  If you use more airtime during the month, use additional international long distance or other charge per usage features, we can reload additional blocks of credit anytime during the month.  Your credit card on file will be billed for these reloads and confirmed by email.

Activation Instructions

We will send you a fully activated SIM card with an assigned mobile number. We will do all the up front activation and account set up work for you and include the SIM with your new phone. This alone represents hours of customer service, waiting on hold or in store lines you are going to skip.

Once your SIM card is activated you will have 3.3 hours minutes of use or 30 days (whichever comes first) before another reload is applied to keep the SIM active. If you would like to receive free unlimited Nights and Weekends (9PM Fri - Mon 6AM ) you will need to upgrade to a $89.95 + taxes and fees (10.8 hour) reload.  For $59.95 + tax you receive unlimited Nights and Weekends.

Adding Credit

To keep your SIM active you will need to purchase a reload every 30 days.  If a reload is not completed for any reason within 60 days of activation, you will lose your phone number, and need to purchase another SIM. To add credit to your SIM you will need to call us at the above number. Reloads for this product are available exclusively through us.

$39.95 + tax+ fees a month = 3.3 hours

$49.95 + tax + fees a month = 5.0 hours day
500 minutes of Night and Weekend Minutes Included

$59.95 + tax a month = 6.6 hours day
3000 minutes of Night and Weekend Minutes Included

$89.95 + tax a month = 10.8 hours day
Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes Included

For a limited time you can extend your SIM from just 30 days to 365 days with our special $99 one year extension (only available with initial SIM purchase). One year extension comes with 6.6 hours of time. Unfortunately at this time free night and weekend minutes are only available on plans that are reloaded every month.

Credit is good for 30 days (except on our special one year extension $199 reload) and unused minutes roll over (balance must be used within 12 months)
We require notice/payment before the 28th day on individual monthly reloads (IE: 48 hour lead-time)
USA-380 adds the credit to the SIM account directly, extending the life of the card out another 30 days

You will have an auto recharge feature for the mobile account every 30 days. If you use more airtime during the month, use additional international long distance or other charge per usage features, we can reload additional blocks of credit anytime during the month. 

We make airtime reloads easy by accepting direct billing on your major credit card. You can pay in advance for 1 to 12 months of prepaid service; minimum payment is $39.95 + tax + fees each month to extend about 3.3 hours of peak talk time and USA LD for 30 days.

Voicemail Instructions

After your phone is activated you will be able to set up your Voicemail. Dial your mobile number from another phone and interrupt the greeting by pressing the star key.

Enter (1111) when asked for your temporary passcode.

Follow the recorded instructions, including recording a personalized greeting.

Your SIM will automatically forward callers to your voicemail if you cannot be reached.

After your voicemail is set-up and you change the temporary password to a permanent password you will be able to check your Voicemail by dialing your mobile number from your mobile phone, and pressing send. When checking your voicemail from your wireless phone you will be charged your normal airtime rate. Interrupt your greeting by pressing the star key and entering your permanent password and follow the voice prompts.

Other Features Available With This Service Include

Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Hold

For details on how to use these other features be sure to consult your phone's owners manual.

GPRS High-Speed Internet Access

The USA-380 SIM card gives you optional access to GPRS Data on a prepaid basis to try the latest features of always on high-speed data access.  Messages are debited against the account at a rate of about 10¢ per 10Kb which is about equal to a 5 sentence email.  SMS will debit your account at $0.10 for domestic SMS sent or received.  International SMS is $0.20 SMS sent and $0.10 SMS received.

Ordering Instructions

To order your new USA-380 SIM please call 1-800-872-7626 from the USA, or 1-703-222-7161 from outside of the USA and tell us the following things in your phone call:

1. If you would like the optional GPRS data service

2. What is your 1st and 2nd choice for a mobile number area code?

3. Which two major cities are closest to you?

4. What is your zip/postal code?

If you order this SIM through the web site we will need to speak with you by phone or email to get the above questions answered before we can prepare your SIM for shipment.

Coverage And Other Important Details

If you will not be traveling to a major US city, you should email us at to inquire if the cities you will be traveling to have the required GSM service.

Attention International customers: Many rural areas are not serviced by GSM, some larger areas are still not serviced by GPRS data and some areas in the USA with GSM do not accept our USA-380 prepaid service.

USA-380 mobile number changes require a $25 fee and one additional month reload fee of $39.95 minimum. 

Some customers request our service just for business or vacation travel around or to the United States, or ask for any USA number and require service in no particular city and that is what we assume if you don't email us otherwise.  Tell us your usage requirements so we can improve the odds that the GSM service you select will match your needs. If you don't ask, we will assume you are an experienced GSM user and plan to use the SIM in available coverage areas and are aware of GSM service limitations.

411 is $1.50 per use, plus airtime, roaming and applicable long distance. Long distance charges for calls received while in digital roaming area are calculated from your home area code to the location where you received the call. #121 Voice Info, Call Waiting, accessing voice mail from your wireless device and Three-Way calling will incur airtime or roaming plus applicable long distance charges. You will be charged for each text message sent from your device, whether the message is delivered or not.

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