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United Mobile Worldwide Prepaid Global SIM - Please Call For Availability and Possible Substitution
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United Mobile Global SIM Card For Overseas Travelers:
A Global Roaming SIM Card For Your Trips Abroad

We are proud to introduce the United Mobile Global Roaming SIM card with FREEincoming calls (from the Zone 1 countries below) which includes all of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The new card can be used in over 148 countries. Outbound calls debit at only0.39 Euro to call Area A (including the USA) from zone 1.

The United Mobile global roaming SIM card offers:

  • Better coverage and significantly lower rates than any US carrier when used from Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America.
  • Calls to Area A debits only 0.39 Euro a minute from your prepaid balance**(from Zone 1).
  • All incoming calls Free while traveling in Zone 1.
  • Add additional airtime by phone or email.
  • No contract or monthly charges.
  • U.S.and international virtual telephone numbers can be added to this global SIM card (See link below for details)
  • Convenient online reloading from InTouch SmartCards.

**Add European VAT and currency conversion fees.

Rates and zones for the United Mobile SIM card:

All rates are in Euros:  For all Zones, there is a one time access fee of 0.25 Euro per call.  All SMS outgoing are 0.39 Euro and all incoming SMS are free. All calls received while traveling within within Zone 1 are FREE.  Calls debit from account balance at rates below. Add European VAT and currency conversion fees to all prices. The card includes about 30 minutes of Zone 1 to Area A starter credit.

All Zones
Connect fee per call:0.25
SMS outgoing:0.39
SMS incoming:FREE

Coverage Chart:

Carrier Notes:

  • f means fixline only.
  • m means mobile (wireless or cellular) only.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All information is subject to errors and tariff changes.
  • Billing increments are 60 seconds.

The United Mobile Worldwide prepaid SIM allows you to:

  • Have a phone in hand; ready to use immediately upon arrival overseas.
  • Have the number in advance to distribute to colleagues and family to help maintain seamless and effective communication.
  • No monthly bills! 
  • Have an active European-based phone number.
  • To add additional airtime simply call or email us.
  • Save money over Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or Tmobile when traveling overseas.
  • Free incoming calls in most of Europe and the Middle East.
Activating Your Phone:
Your phone will have a pre-assigned mobile number and will be ready to use straight out of the package, no activation is necessary. Simply insert the SIM in your phone, enter the pin number (if prompted), press send, and your SIMis ready to use.

Your phone number will start with country code 423 (Liechenstein). Callers from the USA would dial: 011 423 and the rest of your number to reach you in over 148 countries around the world. Our optional SmartForward service offers a dedicated inbound USA telephone number. Our optionalCountry Specific Virtual Telephone Number Service offers 57 other country numbers that you can purchase now for your inbound SmartFree SIM callers.

Placing a Call with the United SIM:
To make a call with your United Mobile SIM, you will dial a Plus (+) symbol, the country code and then the number and then press SEND or YES.

Instead of putting the phone to your ear immediately, wait about two seconds and then the phone will ring back, alerting you to answer the phone, press the SEND or YES key and you will hear your call go through.

In these few seconds the United Mobile SIM calls you back and you control the calling rate per minute and save.

Note: When calling from the USA to your United Mobile international number, callers will have to dial 011 followed by your United Mobile number.

The United SIM card has been very popular because it is one of the ONLY global roaming SIM card with free incoming calls. The United Mobile Worldwide SIM card only needs to be reloaded once every 9 months for you to retain any unused minutes. If you purchase a reload within 9 months any unused minutes roll over. If you do not reload your SIM within 12 months your SIM will expire and your phone number will be recycled.

The United Mobile Starter SIM Card comes with about 30 outgoing minutes and all the incoming minutes you want while traveling within Zone 1.  The United Mobile Preloaded SIM Card comes with approximately 2 hours of outgoing and unlimited incoming minutes while traveling witin Zone 1.

Troubleshooting/Changing Networks:

Your United Mobile SIM can be used on multiple carrier networks in most countries. From time to time it may may be necessary to switch networks for best results. For example we have found Orange of France to be an excellent carrier in all areas of France except Paris where customers have reported better results on other networks. In Italy other uses have found that wind works extremely well, while receiving incoming on Vodaphone is difficult. To learn how to switch networks on your phone consult your phone's manual or call IntouchSmartCards.

Reloads are available from InTouch Smartcards.  You can also call +1-703-620-0879 for reloads, technical support, customer service and coverage information. We offer extended daily operating hours and weekends.

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