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SIM Card for Tunisia
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SIM Card For Tunisia

 A pre-paid international SIM card is a great way to save on cellular service while in Tunisia. This prepaid SIM gives you a local number and local rates so you will not have to worry about your service provider or phone rental company charging expensive roaming fees. When you use your mobile phone in Tunisia you'll save a significant amont of money. 

NOTE:Your Tunisia SIM Card will require a unlocked GSM phone with a frequency of 900/1800/1900. If you do not already own an unlocked GSM phone consider purchasing one along with your SIM Card.

The SIM Card For TunisiaOffers:

  • A local Tunisia phone number
  • 10 minutes of local calling to get you started
  • No roaming charges
  • No contracts, monthly charges, ot credit checks
  • Free Incoming calls (even from the USA)

  • Domestic rates:
    All Domestic rates are billed on a per minute basis. All incoming calls, regardless of where they orginiate are FREE when using your SIM Card for Tunisia.

    Incoming calls (Even from the USA):


    Local Outgoing Calls:
    8AM-10PM: $0.16 USD
    10PM-8AM: $0.11 USD

    International Outgoing Calls:
    USA, W. Europe, Russia: $0.40  USD
    Outgoing SMS:

    Incoming SMS:

    Service Life:
    Your SIM card for Tunisia must be reloaded once a year to remain active. If you do not reload your SIM card once a year the SIM card will expire and any remaining credit will be lost.

    SIM Card Activation:
    Upon arrival in Tunisia, detach the SIM card from its plastic package and insert it into your phone.  Follow the guidelines from your cell phone manual if you have trouble inserting your SIM. You will receive two security codes (PIN code and PUK code). When you turn on the phone, enter your pin and  follow the prompts to register your service. Your PIN code is requested every time you turn your phone one. If you prefer you can change or turn off your PIN code (check your cell phone manual for details). When a PIN code is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, the SIM card will be blocked. In order to unblock the SIM card, you will have to follow your phone owner's manual to use the PUK code to unblock your phone.

    Your Tunisia SIM Card will be activated after you turn on your phone, CALL 1222, press SEND then press option 1. Your new phone number is indicated on the envelope of the SIM Card.

    Recharging your SIM card account:
    Your SIM Card for Tunisia comes with approximately ten minutes of talk-time. When you need to add credits (minutes) to your account, you will need to purchase a "Reload Voucher"(scratch-card). You can find these scratch cards near the cash register in gas stations, newspaper stands or at a authorized dealers store. 

    To recharge your account:
    dial: *101* recharge coupon # and follow the instructions to enter your reload code , you will receive verification when it has been successfully completed.

    To check your account balance:
    dial 1222, and press send, (free call from your cellphone) follow instructions

    Making Local and International Calls or Send SMS

    Local calls:
    (area code) (phone number)

    Local calls to a cell phone:
    (city/mobile phone area code) (phone number)

    International calls:
    00 (country code) (area code) (phone number)

    Local SMS(text messages):
    (mobile area code) (phone number)

    International SMS(text messages):
    00 (country code) (area code) (phone number)

    It's a pleasure to be a part of your trip as you select your Tunisia SIM Card from InTouch SmartCards. If you have any other questions please contact us at 800-872-7626

    Exchange rates may vary. Occasionally it may be necessary to substitute another local carrier's SIM Card in the event that the Tunisia SIM Card is unavailable. Please contact us for current availabilty.

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