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SmartForward -- Add A USA Based Number To Any SIM with the Smart Forward Service
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SmartForward Service - Add a US Based Number to Any SIM Card or Add an 800 Number to Any Phone Number
 Add a US based phone number to any overseas SIM card with the new SmartForward Service from InTouch SmartCards. With the Smartforward service setup is free and you receive $50 of starter credit in your account.

InTouch SmartCards is pleased to announce SmartForward, a new service that gives you a US based phone number (407 - A nice, easy to remember US area code) that redirects calls to your overseas SIM card's international phone number instantly.  Our SmartForward Service allows you to add a US based number to any SIM card.

Now you can be reached anywhere in the world and callers can avoid international long distance charges when they call you.  It doesn't matter where in the world you are traveling; callers can simply dial your US based number and your phone will ring.

If you need to be easily reachable when you travel overseas and you have been told your international number is hard to reach, you will want to consider trying out our new SmartForward Service.

Your SmartForward number can be forwarded to any SIM Card that InTouch SmartCards sells (or that you already have) and can be easily redirected to a new SIM card with a simple phone call.

The SmartForward service is portable, allowing you to change SIMs without changing the phone number you are reached on back home.

  How It Works
  • Simply give your "easy to call" US based number (1-407-XXX-XXXX) to anyone and calls will be redirected to your overseas mobile number.
  • With our SmartForward Service, you would be able to forward your US cellular phone overseas to your foreign SIM Card, even if your US phone is from Verizon or Sprint.
  • Using the SmartForward Service is an excellent way to economically call our SmartFree, Travel International SIM, Monaco Plus Global SIM cards from anywhere in the world.
  Operating Instructions
  • Simply have callers dial your SmartForward number or forward your existing service (cellular or landline) to your Smart number and the SmartForward Service will take care of the rest.
  • Your account will never be cut-off, but instead will be automatically replenished, when necessary, in $50 blocks.

Please Note:  This service does not include a SIM card which is necessary for overseas travel. Many customers purchase our SmartFree SIM card and use it with this service. Combining the two products will give you the complete solution you need for your next overseas trip.

It is important that you keep track of the minutes you use, particularly if you decide to forward your existing number to the SmartForward service.

Additional Details:  Minutes are automatically added to your SmartForward account as needed with recharge increments of $50.

Your minutes can be used after you arrive back in the US or on your next trip overseas.  You will have 90 days to use your remaining minutes unless prior arrangements are made.  Please call  1-800-872-7626 x0  with any questions.


  Additional Features
  • Add voicemail to any SIM card that doesn't already have it
  • Dedicated 800 numbers are also available (But toll numbers allow greater flexibility)
  • Use your Smart number as your primary business number
  • Call detail is available upon request

Looking for a way to call multiple overseas numbers or a way to make inexpensive calls from your hotel phone?  Be sure to read about our International Origination Calling Card.  For more information click here.


For more information on this exciting new service, please call us at 800-872-7626 x0 or after hours at  1-703-620-0879   to activate or redirect your number.

Do you do business or have family in a country other than the USA? We now offer SmartForward numbers for other countries as well so that you can make it easier for callers from outside the USA to reach you. Be sure to check out ourInternational Virtual Telephone Number from InTouch SmartCards.


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