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iSIP Client International Phone Service For iPhone, Android and Blackberry
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iSIP Client for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other Smartphones

Use your WiFi. 3G or 4g LTE data equipped iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or other generic SIP account in your smartphone to call from and to anywhere in the world for as little as 10 cents a minute!*

Be way ahead of any other mobile phone user with this high-quality, low-cost solution. Our iPhone and iTouch SIP softphone client is the most advanced:

√ InTouch offers both GSM and SIP calls from the same keypad on iPhone.
√ Your same iPhone address book is used with a speed dial feature added.
√ The InTouch Mobile SIP client runs in background with "stay alive" or "wake up" for inbound calls.
√ No changes to your iPhone calling when not using our SIP app for iPhone.
√ Down load our approved application from the Apple or Android App Store.
√ Make anonymous calls using the data channel, to or from any part of the world, with no call detail records.
√ Works with SmartForward, USA Redirect and Virtual International Number services.
√ Learn how to use from the USA before you travel, travel partners or groups can call iPhone to iPhone with 4 digit PBX like extension number.
√ Use your locked iPhone SIM card, 3G/4G data, WiFi, no SIM card (iPad, iTouch WiFi only) or unlocked iPhones with international SIM cards from InTouch SmartCards.

Screen shot of SIP phone with familiar iPhone features

While the traditional telephone network was specifically designed to handle voice communications, anyone that has tried any of the new VOIP services like Vonage, Viper, Packet 8, fring, Gizmo5, Google Voice, Skype and others has found that using the Internet to make all of your international calls is extremely limiting. Before now, using a service like this from your cell phone was extremely difficult as the Internet is not optimized for this type of communication.

While a VOIP service like magicJack, Vonage or Skype can be used to save money on international long distance calls, these services typically require you to have access to your computer or only provide for the long distance portion of your call. Recent developments in wireless handsets with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 4, HTC One, Google Nexus, recent Blackberry Q10 devices, wireless GSM phones running the Android, IOS or Windows Mobile operating system devices have made it possible to make calls using 3g and 4g LTE data. You can save money on domestic, international and roaming calls when you are away from your computer using our SIP client application or SoftPhone.

Recent developments in SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, a standard designed to provide advanced telephony services over the Internet now allow for calls using the power of the Internet away from your laptop or desktop computer. As the name suggests, SIP is used to establish, terminate and modify communications sessions in an IP network.

A session can be as simple as a two-way telephone call, but can also be a fully-blown multimedia conference call. The primary use of the iSIP service available from InTouch Smartcards is to make inexpensive calls internationally either from the USA or while traveling abroad. Call Global, discount calls, in or out even on the iPod Touch using VoIP, all possible if you have our service. We supply your inbound virtual number for anyone to call you from any phone. We can do a short-term conversion of all your mobile calls to SIP and forward them overseas to lower your international roaming cost (before you travel) without unlocking or jail breaking your iPhone or Android Phone. Set up is virtual and you can test your setup before you leave. Start using right away to save line1 plan minutes, using your line2, makes inexpensive data channel calls. Pay a fraction of the traditional international roaming charges and continue to use the service when you return home.

Screen shot show new "Quickdial" feature, call detail "History" and fully integrated navigation to Apple "Contacts" address book button

InTouch Mobile is a great solution for indoor calling from at home, in an office building or just where you wish you had microcell or femtocell coverage because your cellular signal is low but WiFi is at max. Our service is so smart it can seamlessly switch (during a call) from T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T 3G/4G data networks to a WiFi hot spot when signal is stronger.

The InTouch Mobile iSip service for iPhone or iTouch is down loaded from the Apple Apps store. Our iSIP service can be used with a variety of devices and if you have not yet installed the necessary software onto your wireless device we will be happy to help you find the necessary software. At this low price, only a limited amount of global or country specific support is possible on phone models (other than Apple) not running our soft phone client.

Making a WiFi call:
A) is the least expensive way to call but requires WiFi access with good signal strength.
B) uses No SIM card account minutes and no international GSM data plan is required when using only WiFi.
C) uses your InTouch Mobile account, which debits per minute, rated by where you are "SIP" calling "to".
D) add 1 for North America calls and only country code to start for international calls (no 011).
E) using iTouch, iPad, iPhone or Android device with no SIM card is possible only when in WiFi coverage, when outside coverage area or when your device is off voicemail will answer.

Making a call using the cellular DATA network:
A) you pay any DATA charges via your SIM card account for inbound or outbound calls.
B) AT&T in the USA, with an "unlimited data plan", the SIP data connection is included in your AT&T data plan.
C) the per minute cost is debited from your InTouch Mobile account rated by where you are "SIP" calling "to".
D) allows you to save your GSM plan minutes or avoid the 45 a minute AT&T overage charges.
E) is often a less expensive way to make an international call out from the USA & Canada using your iPhone.

When making any call:
A) launch InTouch Mobile SIP phone and make sure your upper left phone info shows registering properly.
B) you decide to press the GREEN SIP button for data call or press the RED GSM button for cellular call.
C) if no RED GSM button, Tap Settings then bottom of Preferences and turn on "Show GSM button" Tap "Done".
D) your Softphone SIP account Green button is a great way to stay InTouch when your call / data signal is strong.
E) add 1 for North America calls or add only "+" then country code, then number for international calls (no 011).

Depending on how phone numbers are previously put in your Contacts, see below for an easy solution to not require changes to your address book and still make dialing easy when using the GREEN SIP button:

Try making a few calls from contacts and from the key pad as you normally would and see how it goes. If they fail read below: Go to "Settings" (upper right of SIP keypad), Tap "SIP Accounts", then Tap an account, then Tap "Advanced Settings", then Dial "+" As [set this to nothing] and set Default Country Code as 1 (if your contacts are stored with just 10 digits). When dialing from the SIP keypad, enter your North American calls with just 10 digits and send. Your default is now set to add the country code 1. For example, to call us from North America 703-620-0879 send.

You can also use the dialing keypad for calls back to the USA and Canada by entering +1, area code and number. Make local calls overseas by entering the same "+ country code and number". The + key is the zero key held down for two counts until a "+" shows on the screen. After the country code, delete any leading zero for overseas mobile numbers. You must always use the country code to make calls.

You can "be called" five different ways so you decide which works best for you and your callers. Or just read number 1, 2 and 5 and be done; enough ways already.

1) When receiving a call via your dedicated InTouch Mobile SIP number:
a) caller dials your unique inbound SIP number which is 1-407-XXX-XXXX from any phone worldwide.
b) your SIP accounts setting should be "for push notifications" to wake your phone with incoming calls.
c) your InTouch Mobile account is debited for the incoming call minutes.

2) You can forward your traditional Phone number for incoming calls to your new SIP number then:
a) you answer via the SIP client and are using data plan or WiFi for the call.
b) all calls are forwarded to your SIP number only and you must be in a data coverage area to answer.
c) your SIP number can be redirected again (call us) if you are out of the country and have no data coverage.
d) debit rate from your InTouch Mobile account is to the country were you are answering the calls.

5) Calling your traditional mobile number, no change (old fashion way):
a) you answer as usual and use standard plan minutes (or int'l roaming) billed directly by your home carrier.
b) your caller must be dialing your InTouch Mobile number or using the pool # to avoid cellular minute usage.

Screen shot shows new phone navigation and call recording feature

International User TIP: If your Phone is unlocked and you purchase one of our global SIM cards, then you can add that new mobile number or any numbers (including other mobiles in your group) to your calling pool. USA Redirect, included with our SIM cards, can then be used to call your new Global Prepaid SIM card number directly when no data access is available and save your callers money.

All charges for in and outbound minutes are debited from your InTouch Mobile account. All data usage is subject to arrangements you have made with your carrier for data plans or WiFi usage charges. Your InTouch Mobile debit account does not pay for any carrier data or WiFi access charges at home or as you travel. Prepaid SIM cards for international data usage from InTouch SmartCards require an unlocked iPhone with access to APN settings.

International User TIP: If you turn international Data Roaming off and force all SIP calls to WiFi only, you will stop your ability to make and receive SIP calls until Data is turned back on or you are in WiFi coverage. Leaving international Data Roaming on with push emails and other auto updating apps is something to be aware of based on roaming data costs. To turn GSM data roaming on or off, go to iPhone "Settings" icon Tap "General" then Tap "Network" to turn Data Roaming off or on.

InTouch makes no statement of suitability or availability of call completion on any network around the world. That is why we recommend you have a traditional SIM card in the phone for GSM calls as a primary option. It is important for location services that you make any 911 or 611 calls using your SIM card based calling route, NOT via SIP.

Purchasing the InTouch Mobile SIP client and debit account does give you a low cost global telecom application with direct English speaking customer support and discount global calling rates. InTouch SmartCards has consulted with you on the SIP process and configured your phone to make calls in a way that, just months ago, was NOT allowed by Apple/AT&T. Very few organizations know how to bring all the services together to make 3g data calls in and out around the world, but now you have it ;-)

Some countries or carriers may still restrict the usage of data calls so your standard SIM card is always important to have. You can use our service with an iPhone (even with the SIM card removed) but are limited to WiFi coverage only in the same way it will work with Apple iTouch using WiFi and a microphone equipped ear buds. Purchase another InTouch Mobile user account and have low cost WiFi phone service using an old 2g/3g/3gs or even inactive iPhone or iTouch (no monthly plan required). We can show you how to put these devices to work for the extra "call out or in line2", "teenager line" or extension phone.

With InTouch Mobile service purchased from this page you receive the 4 required SIP service elements including: User name, Password access, Domain setting and an optional non regional USA "virtual" inbound dedicated telephone number. Multiple USA DID numbers can be assigned per account and are available for $39.95 annually and for 1-800 numbers $49.95 annually. 1-800 numbers yield less incoming USA minutes (333 vs 500) per $50 reload. Dedicated international inbound calling numbers are also available from 50+ countries (see int'l LOCAL TEL link below) and they can be combined for a more global business presence starting at $49.95 for 90 days of service.

Our required SIP client for Apple products including the latest iPhone and Android SmartPhones are downloaded and paid for by user from the Apple Apps Store at $6.99, Android Market Place and clients for other phones (from other locations) are paid for and supported by user. A compatible SIP client is required to use our service. On phones other than Apple, features will vary based on softphone client being used.

* GPRS, or other roaming data charges may apply when a WiFi signal is not available. $50 pays for up to 90 days of line rental and up to 500 minutes of USA toll calls which ever comes first. International mobile calls back to the USA or to other international mobile phones are rated on our SmartForward USA page. Reloads are automatic when account balance is below zero. Calls will not be cut off but instead a reload is added to your account so callers can always reach you. Call us for same day iPhone or Android client down load directions, account settings, activation and usage details. Call 1-703-620-0879 and please leave a complete message, if required, and for faster call back, order the service here then let us know you are ready to download.

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