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Siemens A70 GSM Unlocked Triband Phone
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A70 offered now
InTouch Smartcards presents to you a GSM phone that is all about value for money, the Siemens A70. The A70 combines classic design with state-of-the-art technology. Its high quality noise filtering and excellent battery life make staying in touch easy. Short Messaging Service(SMS) allows you to send quick text messages to family and friends easily.

With 250 hours of standby time, the Siemens A70 is exactly the right phone for those, who are always on the go. The A70 is extremely easy to operate and its easy to read screen presents all menus very clearly. Of course you can also add some personal touch to your A70. The accessories for this multifunctional phone also include the useful Car Kit for more convenient in-car communication.

The A70 is perfect for people who want to express themselves in an exciting way, as simply as possible. The Siemens A70 makes talking, text and messaging easy, whether at home or abroad. No matter where your travels may take you, you will be able to stay in touch with this great little Siemens phone and the appropriate SIM card.

InTouch Smartcards has Prepaid global SIM cards that require no contract and will have you connected in over 85 countries including FREE incoming calls throughout Europe and very low airtime rates. These SIM cards when used with the Siemens A70 phone will provide you with an economical yet reliable travel communications package for your next trip overseas. We can help you decide which will be the right SIM card to use with this Siemens A70 GSM phone for your next overseas trip. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 703-222-7161 Ext:110/107.

Form factorBlock
BatteryLi-Ion 700 mAh
Standbytime (h)250
Talktime (m)300
Cameraattachable (optional)
displayHigh Contrast
Ringtones 16 Choices
Predictive text
WAP version1.2.1
Display width101
Display height80

InTouch Smartcards SIM Cards for the Siemens A70

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As a special limited time offer, the USA-Gold prepaid SIM for the USA will be valid until December 1st of this year. During our special promotion, any additional airtime reloads will extend the expiration date out one year from that reload date. That gives you a year to use any initial credits before reloading. After December, unused call time credit may roll over into the next 90 day period (if you make arrangements for us to make a single reload within 88 days from your last reload). Again, as a special offer, USA-Gold SIM cards will provide extended reload times for all reloads through December 31st.

Cellular service costing $99 for about 12 months of service and 2.66 hours of USA talk time included is a great deal so act now!. Ask before you assume anything not stated in this listing. Tell us where you need the service including area code requested (1st & 2nd choice along with largest nearby city.) USA-Gold numbers can have an area code change only once in 6 months so tell us what area code/city area you need. Some customers request our service just for business or vacation travel around or to the United States. We need you to tell us your usage requirements so we can improve the odds that the GSM service you select will match your needs. If you don't ask, we will assume you are an experienced GSM user and plan to use the SIM in available coverage areas and are aware of GSM service limitations.

Attention international customers: many rural areas in the USA are not serviced by GSM, some larger areas are still not serviced by GPRS data. Some areas in the USA and Canada with GSM do not accept one or another of our prepaid services or may charge a roaming surcharge.

The MOST economical global roaming SIM
Note: Usage with 
Siemens A70

(click here for more detailed listing)

If you frequently travel to countries where one carrier has a monopoly or if you have had trouble finding a SIM card that works for where you will be traveling, there is now a new option available. The new prepaid United Worldwide SIM card can be used in over 100 countries and costs only 0.39 Euro + VAT a minute for incoming calls received in Europe, parts of Asia and 0.69 Euro + VAT a minute for outgoing calls to anywhere in the world from these countries. The SIM is $99 and only needs to be reloaded once every nine months to remain active.

The United Worldwide SIM Offers:
Over 80% less expensive roaming rates compared to US GSM carriers
DTMF Signaling to prevent carriers with monopolies from blocking your calls.
Calls rounded to one second increments.
SMS and Email CapabilitiesNo monthly subscription fees or activation charge.

The United Worldwide Prepaid SIM Will Allow You To:
Have a phone in hand, ready to use immediately upon arrival overseas
Have the number in advance to distribute to colleagues and family to help maintain seamless and effective communications
Have an active European-based phone number.No monthly bills!
Add units easily- simply call or email us
Save money over a US based GSM SIM
Prepaid Service With No Monthly Fee!

No monthly fees! Simply add airtime once in 9 months to keep your SIM active. Our fractional international minutes rate beats T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, Fido or any carrier. In fact, no prepaid SIM card cost less to use for international calls. With calling rates in different bands and no hidden charges to worry about, it's the ideal solution.

The LOWEST COST flat rate global roaming SIM

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InTouch Smartcards new Prepaid Monaco Plus GSM SIM can be used in over 86 countries and cost only 95 cents + VAT a minute for outgoing calls anywhere in the world and 35 cents + VAT a minute for incoming calls. The Monaco Plus is quite simply the most convenient and the most economical solution with per second billing for staying in touch while abroad. And unlike home, your Monaco Plus cellular phone service is prepaid so there is no need for a contract or suprises on a phone bill. Our fractional international minutes rate beats T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, Fido or any carrier. In fact, no prepaid SIM card cost less to use for international calls. With flat calling rates and no hidden charges to worry about, it's the ideal solution.

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