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Country-Specific SIM Card For Morocco From Meditel
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Country-Specific SIM Card For Morocco From Meditel     

 Medijahiz Country-Specific SIM Card For Morocco Includes:

A local Moroccan phone number
Free incoming calls
Inexpensive outgoing calls
Calls from Morocco to the USA as low as $1.16 a minute
20 minutes of airtime calling credit included
SMS and voicemail
No yearly contract - No credit check - No monthly fees

 Airtime Rates - Within Morocco

All incoming calls received on this Moroccan SIM card are free. Morocco country specific SIM card is your best choice for keeping in touch while traveling in Morocco. When using the Medijahiz Bahatal plan (recommended) all outbound calls within Morocco are only $0.40 US per minute during the day and only $0.11 US at night after 10pm.

Medijahiz Batal:

8am - 10pm 3.49 Dirham ($0.40 US)

10pm - 8am 0.99 Dirham ($0.11 US)

SMS 1.00 Dirham ($0.11 US)

NOTE: The same rate is charged regardless of the day of the week.

Medijahiz Soire & Weekend (Nights and Weekends):

8am - 8pm M-F 6.69 Dirham

8pm - 8am M-F 1.49 Dirham ($0.17 US)

Saturday and Sunday 1.49 Dirham ($0.17 US)

SMS 0.70 Dirham ($0.08 US)

Medijahiz Teleboutique

Calls to Landlines and other Meditel

1.50 Dirham Access Fee ($0.17 US)

1.50 Dirham per Minute ($0.17 US)

When calling in the evenings after 8pm and on weekends you will receive a free minute for every minute you are charged.

Calls to Other Mobiles:

2.00 Dirham Access Fee ($0.23 US)

3.75 Dirham per Minute ($0.43 US)

10pm - 8am M - F 1.80 Dirham per Minute ($0.21 US) Nights and Weekends

SMS 1.00 Dirham ($0.11 US)

International Rates-

You can call anywhere in the world with your Meditel Moroccan SIM card. (including the USA) and pay just $0.58 per minute to call The USA, Canada, all of Western Europe, Tunisia, Algeria, Cyprus, Libya, and Mauritania. The cost to call most other countries is only $1.16 per minute.

International text messages (SMS) are 4.80 Dirham ($0.55 US)

Activation Instructions

Go to Morocco
Make sure your SIM is properly inserted into your mobile phone. (the SIM card is already activated)
Be sure that battery is charged
Turn on your phone
Enter your PIN number** and then press talk or send
You may start calling
** Your PIN number can be found by scratching the gray colored scratch area on the back of the card. We recommend using a coin to reveal your PIN number as other items can make the number difficult to read

When you attempt your first call you will hear two long recordings, one in Arabic, and one in French. The recordings recommend that you dial 555 in order to choose a calling plan. We strongly recommend that you pick MediJahiz Batal.

Your Morocco cell phone number is the first number printed on the yellow sticker on the front side of the SIM card package.

Calling your new number-

You can be reached by callers dialing from the USA, just have them dial: 011 212 and the rest of the SIM card telephone number (omitting the leading zero). To make international calls back to the USA from Morocco simply dial 00 1 and the area code and number.
Adding Credit-

Your Moroccan SIM card will include an initial airtime credit to start you off. You can check your account balance (the minutes remaining on your SIM) at anytime by dialing 555 and send. To purchase additional airtime for your Carte Jawal Moroccan SIM card, you will need to purchase reload or recharge cards. Reload Cards may be purchased at most convenience stores, tabac shops and petrol stations throughout Morocco. Recharge cards, called the "Le Carte de Recharge Jawal" are available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 denominations. Vouchers in denominations above 50 Dirham offer additional bonus credit of 15, 50 and 100 Dirham respectively.
Even if you have zero credit, since incoming calls are always free, you will still be able to receive calls.

If you will also be traveling to other countries besides Morocco and are looking for global SIM cards that have world-wide coverage, you can choose between our Monaco Plus and United World Wide Prepaid GSM SIM cards that work in over 80 countries and offer free roaming and long distance.

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