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InTouch Smartcards Japan Phone

Japan uses their own unique telecommunications standard, so if you will be traveling to Japan your US or European cellular phone can not be used. If you will be traveling to Japan you will want to consider purchasing the InTouch Smartcards Japan Phone. Much less expensive than any rental option, the Japan phone offers coverage of 99% of all areas within Japan.

The Japan phone offers a large, easy to ready color display and includes a compact wall charger. This phone was designed exclusively for use within Japan and cannot be used in any other countries.

The InTouch Smartcards Japan Phone Includes:

Free incoming calls from anywhere in the world
Up to 55 minutes of local calls
Calls to the US as low as 27¢ a minute (After 7pm weekdays, all day on weekends)
A local Japanese Cellular Phone Number
Voicemail and email
No monthly bills or fixed term contracts. You determine the usage.

Airtime Rates - From Within Japan:

All domestic calls are 90 Yen per minute (approximately 75¢)

All Outgoing SMS Messages and e-mail are approximately US $0.04/message
Rates are per minute and calculated in six second increments

Airtime Rates - International Calls

Making International calls from your Japan phone is quick and easy. All rates are per minute.

Call Type




45 Yen (38¢)

27 Yen (23¢)


65 Yen (55¢)

36 Yen (29¢)

Peak Time is 8am - 7pm Monday-Friday

Service Life

Your Japan Phone can make and receive calls for 60 Days from the date your initial reload is added. Each reload extends the validity of your phone an additional 60 days for each reload purchased, to a maximum of one year. If the SIM is not reloaded within 360 days the SIM will be de-activated and all credit will be lost.

Activation and Useage Instructions

To activate your Japan Phone you will need to follow these instructions:

* Go To Japan

* Charge your phone

* Dial 1400 + the send button (phone icon) and press 3 and then 2. You will now hear a prompt in English to confirm language change, press #, and then 9 to exit. Press end

* You will now need to Dial 1400 + the send button again and select option 2 to enter your reload code

* Scratch off the black area on the back of the included prepaid airtime card and enter the reload code

* After hearing your balance and expiration press the end button

* Your phone is now ready to make and receive calls

After your first outgoing call your phone will be ready to receive incoming calls. If you have problems making calls or have any questions simply dial 113 from your mobile phone for Customer Service.

The country code for Japan is 81. People calling from the US would need to dial 011, the country code, and then the mobile number to reach you.

To make international calls using your Japan Phone:

* dial 010, country code, telephone number, send key

Adding Credit

Recharge vouchers are available throughout Japan at 7-Eleven, Sunks, Lowsons, Softbank mobile stores and many other stores displaying the J-Phone Logo. Recharge cards (called the PreCa) are available in denominations of 3,000 Yen ($25 = 30 minutes), and 5,000 Yen ($42 = 50 minutes).

Your SIM card has an initial airtime credit of 5000 Yen (About $43)

To reload your Japan Phone:

* Dial 1400 and press Send or Yes

* Select Option #2, the recharge option

* Follow the instructions and enter your voucher serial number followed by the # sign

* End the call









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