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Note:    If you order this Italy SIM you must be available to confirm your order. Please provide a daytime contact number (and cell phone number) so your order can be confirmed. If you have any questions about this SIM please call 800-872-7626. The $39.99 fee for this SIM card is not refundable and this SIM can only be purchased with a USA or Canadian credit card.

TIM International SIM Card for Italy With GPRS - Please Call For Availability
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TIM International SIM Card for Italy with GPRS Data

Tired of running to tobacco shops or convenience stores for reloads?  Now you can have your own postpaid Italian SIM card without any monthly fees and never run out of airtime again.  If you have never purchased a SIM card before, then the TIM International SIM Card for Italy is an excellent choice, as it is the easiest SIM card to use for the first time overseas traveler.

 Free incoming calls while in Italy
 Free incoming text messages
 A local Italian phone number
 No term commitment
 No connection fees
 No monthly fees
 Billed conveniently to the major credit card of your choice
 Know your phone number before you travel (unlike most prepaid Italian SIM cards)
 Detailed billing included

Within Italy

  Rates Per Minute
 Incoming CallsFREE
 Outgoing Calls - Within Italy$0.39
 Outgoing Calls - Within Europe$0.49
 Outgoing Calls - USA & Canada$0.49

Outside of Italy (Within Europe)

  Rates Per Minute
 Incoming Calls$0.49
 Outgoing Calls - Within Europe$0.99
 Outgoing Calls - USA & Canada$2.99

Outside of Europe

  Rates Per Minute
 Incoming Calls$3.99
 Outgoing Calls$4.99

SMS Rates (Outgoing)

  Per Message
 To Italian Number - Within Italy$0.29
 International Number or Outside of Italy$0.49
  Activation Instructions
 Your TIM International SIM Card for Italy will arrive fully activated and ready to use.  You will receive a welcome kit, with your phone number, that will provide detailed instructions about how to use your new SIM card.
  • Follow the included instructions to activate your SIM card
  • Put the TIM International SIM Card for Italy into the cell phone*
  • Be sure that the battery is charged and turn on your phone
  • Enter the PIN (if prompted) which is located on the same sticker as your phone
  • Start calling**

Simply specify during the checkout process if you will need GPRS Data activated for your next trip.  You will be contacted after you place your order to find out exactly when you need data services to be active.

*Your SIM card comes attached to the back page of your information booklet.  You will need to remove it from the booklet then insert the TIM International SIM Card for Italy into your international cell phone with the gold contacts of the SIM card facing the metal contacts of your international cellular phone.

**When calling overseas from the United States to your TIM International SIM Card cellular phone number, callers will need to dial "011" followed by the country code "39" and then your TIM International SIM Card phone number.  To call abroad from your Italy cell phone simply dial "00" followed by the country code and phone number.

Please Note:  The TIM International SIM Card for Italy gives you a Italy-based phone number.  If you would like to make it easier for callers from the US to reach you while traveling overseas, our SmartForward service gives you a US number that callers all over the world can dial to reach you more easily.  For more information click here.

  Service Life


Your TIM International SIM Card for Italy will be valid for one year from activation without any additional charges or usage requirements beyond the initial SIM card cost and a $29 activation fee.  As long as you use at least $60 of airtime per year your SIM card will never expire.  It is possible to extend the service life of your SIM card even in years when you do not travel, please call us for additional information.  If you have not used a minimum of $60 of airtime over the course of one year and no other arrangements have been made, your TIM International SIM Card for Italy will expire and your phone number will be recycled.
  Data Capabilities



The TIM International SIM Card for Italy is GPRS enabled.  This feature is provided for free and will allow you to use the data services of your unlocked device.

If you use a PDA, Smartphone or Pocket PC running on Windows Mobile (or an equivalent open operating system on Exchange Server), you can simply insert the TIM International SIM Card for Italy into your device, and enter (lower case) in the APN field of your connection settings.  GPRS Data rates are as follows:

Within Italy:    $0.005 per KB (billing increment 10 kb)

Within Europe:  $0.015 per KB (billing increment 10 kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you invoice the SIM Card service?
Whenever you use your SIM card, we bill your credit card once a month any airtime usage and data transport charges incurred from the previous month.  Any additional usage charges will be billed on subsequent invoices.

Do I have to pay something when I donít travel?
No, there is absolutely no monthly or any other fee.  Keep the SIM card until your next trip to Europe, and you only pay for your usage.  Nothing else.


Wondering if you can use your Quadband
Tmobile or AT&T phone on your trip to Italy?

Watch this quick video to learn how
to have your GSM Phone unlocked.

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