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Inmarsat Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500 BGAN Terminal
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Shipping Weight:3.00 Pounds
The Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500 gives you high speed internet access anywhere on earth via the global Inmarsat BGAN Network. This unit is small, compact, light weight and highly portable. Top speeds run at 464K up and 448K down. It is compatible with both PC & Mac operating systems. It conveniently connects to your pc or laptop via Ethernet cable.

The Thrane and Thrane BGAN Terminal Offers The Following Features For Under $3000:

* Top speeds of 464KBPS up and 448KBPS down * Video conferencing, email, web browsing, and voice from anywhere in the world
* Ethernet, USB, or Bluetooth connectivity
* Simultaneous voice and data

This high-bandwidth, highly portable device, weighing 1.3kg and measuring 218 x 217 x 52mm, is ideal for either mobile or semi-fixed use by individuals or small teams. Streaming data is available at speeds of 32kbps, 64kbps or 128kbps for both send and receive. The terminal connects to a laptop computer via USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet. Voice is delivered via a standard desktop phone or a Bluetooth handset. The standard package includes a handset, cables, battery and AC Charger.

InTouchUSA offers full after sales support for one year from the date of purchase

Requires the purchase of a Tariff Plan. Two easy options are available.

* The Thrane and Thrane Explorer 500 weighs 1.3kg
* The unit measures 218 x 217 x 52mm.
Airtime Plans


12 Month Prepaid Plan (Best Value): $569 + $50 activation
4 Month Prepaid Plan $249 + $50 activation

Standard date rate (not video/audio streaming) $ 7.15/MB

Prepaid Voice Rates
Fixed & Cellular $ 1.05/min
BGAN to BGAN $ 0.75/min
Voicemail $ 0.75/min
SMS $ 0.38/message

Additional credit can be added to the SIM in the following increments:


All plans have a 12 month commitment except for the Entry Plan (only a 3 month commitment is required for the Entry plan)

Plan Standard Plan Basic Plan Entry Plan Med Plan High Plan Super Plan
Monthly Fee $41 $58 $99 $289 $449 $629
MB Included Per Month 0 0 5 50 750 2000
Included Voice Minutes0 0 0 18024003600
Price Per MB$6.04$6.12$5.76$4.86$4.08$3.42

Postpaid Voice RatesCost to fixed lines (all plans) $1.03 per min
Cost to mobile phones (all plans) $1.20 per min
BGAN to BGAN and calls to voicemail $75 cents

All postpaid plans require a minimum deposit per unit (please call for details)

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