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Country Specific SIM Card For Czech Republic
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Code:Czech Republic_SIM

Shipping Weight:1.00 Pounds


Country-Specific SIM Card For Czech Republic

This Country-Specific SIM Card For Czech Republic Includes:

    A Czech Eurotel SIM card
    Complete with up to 125 minutes of talk time (Off Peak)
    International calls to the US and Europe as low as US $0.31/min.
    Free incoming calls
    A choice of 3 low tariff rates: 'Quattro', 'Original' and 'Fun'
    SMS / Voicemail / GPRS
    No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

Airtime Rates - Within The Czech Republic

There are three different calling plans you have to choose from Quattro, Original, and Fun. The default Go rate plan is 'Quattro.' You may switch to the 'Original' rate plan, at no charge, by dialing *88. All prices are per minute.

Quattro Plan Peak Off-Peak

Wireless Phones On The Go Network 6,90 czk ($0.26) 2,70 czk ($0.10)

Landlines 9,90 czk ($0.37) 2,70 czk ($0.10)

Dial-Up Data 6,50 czk ($0.24) 6,50 czk ($0.24)

Other Mobile Networks 9,90 czk ($0.37) 7,90 czk ($0.29)

Voicemail 2,50 czk ($0.09) 2,50 czk ($0.12)

SMS 3,30 czk ($0.14) 3,30 czk ($0.14)

WAP 2,70 czk ($0.10) 2,70 czk ($0.10)

Original Plan Peak Off-Peak

Wireless Phones On The Go Network 6,90 czk ($0.26) 2,70 czk ($0.10)

Landlines 6,60 czk ($0.25) 2,70 czk ($0.10)

Dial-Up Data 6,50 czk ($0.24) 6,50 czk ($0.24)

Other Mobile Networks 6,60 czk ($0.25) 4,40 czk ($0.16)

Voicemail 2,50 czk ($0.09) 2,50 czk ($0.12)

SMS 3,30 czk ($0.14) 3,30 czk ($0.14)

WAP 2,70 czk ($0.10) 2,70 czk ($0.10)

(This plan is best if you frequently make calls to customers of other cellular networks)

Fun Plan Rate

Wireless Phones On The Go Network 6,60 czk ($0.26)

Landlines 6,60 czk ($0.26)

Dial-Up Data 6,50 czk ($0.24)

Other Mobile Networks 6,60 czk ($0.25)

Voicemail 2,50 czk ($0.09)

SMS 1,80 czk ($0.12)

WAP 2,70 czk ($0.10)

(This plan is best if you frequently send SMS messages, or will be making calls only during peak times)

Airtime Rates - International Calls

The following rates apply when making international calls from the Czech Republic:


8,30 czk ($0.31)


8,30 czk ($0.31)

Service Life

The Go service may be used for 18 months from its last credit voucher recharging. During this period you need to recharge your Go service using a Go voucher. The frequency of the recharging is not limited. On each recharging the validity of your Go service is automatically extended by another 18 month period.

International Capabilities

The Czech country specific sim can be used in over 88 countries provided that the international roaming option is activated from the Czech Republic. Because of the high cost involved, and that the sim's international roaming option must be activated from within the Czech Republic we only recommend using this sim card in certain specialized circumstances where you will have a chance to activate the international roaming option before traveling to other countries.

If you will be traveling to multiple countries and are trying to determine if you should use this sim please call 800-872-7626 extension 110

Activation Instructions

Your Czech Republic cell phone number cn be found on both the outside packaging and in the welcome letter (the number begins +420). To activate your Czech Republic cell phone, simply follow the instructions below:

    Put in your "Eurotel" SIM card into the mobile phone*
    Be sure that battery is charged
    Turn on your phone and enter the PIN code^
    Start calling**

You will need to snap out the thumbnail sized Czech Republic SIM card along the perforated edge of its holder and then insert the Czech SIM card into your international cell phone with the gold contacts of the Czech SIM card facing the metal contacts of your international cellular phone.

The PUK is only required to unblock you phone if you enter in a PIN code incorrectly. Your phone will prompt you for a PIN code which can be found under a black tab of the welcome letter where your SIM card is also attached. Follow your cell phone manual instructions to correctly use the PUK to unblock your phone should you enter the PIN code incorrectly 3x in a row. A Bank PIN and PUK in a white envelope is also included and may be disregarded.

**When calling overseas from the United States to your Czech Republic cellular phone number callers will need to dial 011 followed by the country code 42 and then your Czech Republic cell phone number, omitting the first 0 (zero). To call abroad from your Czech cell phone simply dial 00 followed by the country code and phone number..

Adding Credit

Additional Talk time may be added by purchasing vouchers at any shop or petrol station displaying the GO logo. To redeem your voucher simply call *88 from your cell phone, enter and confirm the 14 digit voucher code, hang up and start talking.

Your SIM card will include an initial airtime credit to start you off, however to credit your Czech SIM card with additional airtime, you will need to purchase Go recharge cards. These scratch cards may be in purchased in 300, 500, 1000, and 5000 CZK denominations at most convenience stores, tabac shops and petrol stations throughout the Czech Republic.

Go coupons are available at face value and so a 300 czk airtime voucher will cost you 300 czk and subsequently will credit your Czech SIM card for 300 czk.

To charge the Czech SIM chip with an airtime voucher proceed as follows:

    Rub off the gray protective layer.
    A 14-digit number will be revealed.
    Dial *88 from your own mobile phone.
    Select Option 1
    When prompted enter the 14 digit code and press # to confirm
    Then confirm again with the # key.

Alternative you can type *102*14-digitcouponcode# from your Czech cellular phone to receive your call credit.

Remember: Do not purchase another Czech Republic SIM card when your airtime credit is depleted! Your only need a recharge voucher! Go vouchers expire 18 months from the last voucher recharge.

High-Speed Internet Capabilities

GPRS high speed Internet access is available with this product but the user is charged simultaneously by the hour (0,6 czk or $0.02) and the Kilobyte (0,6 czk or $0.02).

When thinking about how large a KB is remember that:

2-3 Average WAP pages is equal to one KB

The average web page is 5-20 KB

1 average length email is 1-3 KB

Your phone must have GPRS capabilities for you to take advantage of this sim cards GPRS capabilities.

Do not purchase another SIM chip when your airtime is depleted!





If you will also be travelling to other countries besides Czech Republic and are looking forglobal SIM cards that have world-wide coverage, you can choose between our Monaco Plus and United WorldWidePrepaid GSM SIM cards that work in over 80 countries.

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