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Country Specific SIM Card For Brazil
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Shipping Weight:2.00 Pounds
Add a SmartForward USA Based Number directed to your SIM Card
(add $50)

If you would like Free Incoming Calls All Over Brazil (not just Rio), you will want to purchase ourSmartFree Quattro Global SIM. This SIM offers global coverage so that you will be able to use the same SIM on your next trip overseas.

Country Specific SIM Card for Brazil:

    A Brazil Prepaid SIM Card, together with one of our unlocked GSM cell phones, allows you not only to have a local number but also to take advantage of the low local rates - and without a contract.  The rates are extremely advantageous and much cheaper than any plan offered by U.S. providers or cell phone rental companies.  We offer a wide assortment of GSM cell phones for purchase and you can use any of our GSM phones in conjunction with the SIM cards we offer.

  • FREE incoming calls in Rio

  • The TIM Brazil prepaid SIM card for your cell phone

  • Optional USA based phone number allows callers to contact you from the USA without international long distance charges (you prepay for the minutes)

  • A local cell phone number in Brazil

  • Voicemail

  • SMS (text messaging)

  • No yearly contract, monthly charges or credit check

  •     Your Brazil SIM card will require a GSM SIM-unlocked compatible international cellular phone.  If you do not already own an international cell phone, there a wide variety of models available for your review on this site. See below for a phone that costs just $99 when purchased with this SIM card.


        Domestic rates are per minute for outgoing calls within Brazil from your prepaid TIM Brazil SIM card while you are in Brazil.  All incoming calls while you are in the Rio area are FREE.

    Call Type

    Airtime rate.

    Outgoing local calls ( From Rio)

    R$1.19 ($.71) / min

    Incoming calls while in Rio


    Outgoing long distance calls from Rio to all other cities

    R$1.69 ($1.01) / min

    Outgoing calls from all other cities (National Roaming)

    R$1.19 ($.79) / min + R$.50 ($.30) / call

    Incoming calls when not in Rio (National Roaming)

    R$.50 ($.30) / call

    SMS Messages (From all locations)

    R$.25 ($.15) / msg.


    Airtime rate.

    Airtime w/Bounce Back


    R$2.50 ($1.50) / min

    ($.59) / min


    R$5.41 ($3.24) / min

    ($.59) / min


    R$5.41 ($3.24) / min

    ($.59) / min


    R$3.12 ($1.87) / min

    ($.59) / min


    R$6.70 ($4.02) / min

    ($.59) / min

    International SMS

    R$1.55 ($.51) / min


    Brazil Bounce Back: Over 50% savings !
    If you are interested in buying this SIM card for
    Brazil, you will want to consider a new service that will help yousave 50% on calls back to the U.S.  This great new service helps you save time and money, instead of finding local shops for reloading your SIM card. Just add this service to your Brazil SIM card and start saving whenever you call back to the U.S.  Call now to find out more about this great service at 1-703-620-0879. This service can also be ordered online from our website by clicking here.

        If you do not recharge your account within 4-months, your Mobile phone number will be partially blocked and you will only be able to receive incoming calls for another month.  After 5 months, your cell phone number will be recycled and any remaining airtime credit will be lost. To get connected again, you will be required to purchase another SIM card.  The 5-month period starts the day you arrive in Brazil and start using your GSM cell phone.


      Your Brazil mobile phone number is printed on the reverse side of your SIM card packaging and starts with (21)8XXX-XXXX…When you arrive in Brazil:

  • Be sure that battery is charged

  • Insert the Brazil SIM chip into the cellular phone

  • Turn on the phone and make sure that your GSM phone is set to the 1800 frequency (only required on some older Motorola phones)    
  • Enter the PIN code (only if your phone asks for a PIN code) and start calling

  •     Customer service for your Brazil prepaid SIM card is available 24 hours a day by dialing *144 at any time from your Brazil cellular phone. 

    To make international calls from your Brazil cell phone, simply dial 00, followed by 41 and the country code (1 for the US) and phone number.

        Your SIM card comes with starter airtime that is included either on your SIM card or a voucher that looks like a cash register receipt. If you receive your starter airtime as a separate voucher the airtime will need to be added following the instructions below before you will be able to use your SIM card. Additional credit is available through the purchase of airtime vouchers (also called reload codes not another SIM card, in Brazil).  These airtime vouchers are available in 6 denominations: R5, R15, R25, R35, R50 and R100.  To add these vouchers from your phone dial *222 and follow the instructions.

    Simply scratch off the grey protective layer to reveal your voucher code.  When punched into the keypad of your international cell phone, the voucher code will credit your SIM card the respective denomination you purchased.

    Adding Airtime

        Airtime vouchers are available locally, in Brazil, at local convenience stores, TIM shops and authorized dealers. Purchase an airtime recharge card (available in 6 denominators: R5, R15, R25, R35, R50 and R100) available locally in Brazil, at local convenience stores, TIM shops and authorized dealers.
        Then follow these instructions:

                1. Dial *222 to recharge
                2. Listen to prompt, it will ask for voucher code (found by scratching area on the card)
                3. Enter the 16 code number
                4. Press 4 to confirm

    Remember: Do not purchase another SIM card when your airtime credit is depleted!  Your only need a recharge voucher!  And when you are in Rio your incoming calls are always free even when you run out of airtime.

    Checking Voicemail

        Dial *100 (personal greeting record and setup):
                1. Listen to message, press 4 to personalize
                2. Press 1 to configure voicemail
                3. Press 1 then: Record the message and press # when done, your message will be played back.
                4. Press 1 again
                5. Press 2 to keep
                6. Press 3 to erase

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