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International Bounce Back Service: Bounce Back Plus!

Bounce Back Plus is a new 4-in1 solution to help you save money on all of your international calling needs.

  1. Bounce Back Plus allows you to make inexpensive calls from your GSM phone
  2. Bounce Back Plus saves you the hassle of purchasing reloads, replenish your account with a simple call or e-mail
  3. Most users sign-up for Bounce Back Plus to leverage the free incoming calls that Coutry-Specific SIMs offer. Now you can use  Bounce Back Plus to call anywhere in the world for 30-70% less than what you are currently paying, even with a Country-Specific SIM!
  4. Since incoming calls are free (on most country specific SIM cards but check details on your country specific SIM card to make sure), you won't need to worry about consuming available calling credit on your SIM card. Simply call us to replenish your call back account after using your initial $50 credit (there is a $10 setup fee). Credit balance remains valid for a whole year from the time the last credit was added.

Upon subscribing to the Bounce Back Plus service you will be required to provide us with the number we will be setting the Bounce Back Service to contact (this is usually your prepaid GSM phone number but it could also be a landline number).

You can update or change your callback number anytime via our customer web-link.

As a Bounce Back Plus  subscriber you will then be assigned a unique phone number, also called a 'trigger number'. Whenever you are abroad and wish to make an international call simply trigger the Bounce Back process using one of the following alternatives:

Dial your assigned (trigger) phone number:
  1. After you hear the first ring hang up
  2. The automated call center returns your call
  3. If prompted, enter in your account number
  4. Enter the phone number you wish to call

Trigger a call using SMS from your cell phone:

  1. Send an SMS text message with your trigger number immediately followed by the text "" to telephone number +447747782320
  2. The Bounce Back Plus  system returns your call
  3. If prompted, enter in your account number
  4. Enter the phone number you wish to call

Trigger a call via email:

  1. Send a blank email to
  2. The automated call center returns your call
  3. If prompted, enter in your account number
  4. Enter the phone number you wish to call

Within seconds after triggering your call, the system calls you back. Upon answering, the caller is instructed to dial the destination number. We will only bill for the call if the call connects. After finishing the call, simply hang up, or press ## on the phone keypad to place another call.

The entire process adds about ten seconds to normal dialing. Bounce Back Plus also works with cellular phones and fax machines. There is no need to change your existing long distance provider, but many of our customers find greater savings by using this valuable service even after returning home.

And So Much More!

In addition to using  Bounce Back Plus  to make inexpensive calls from your GSM phone,Bounce Back Plus can also be used as a calling card in over 80 countries.

There may be times when you are in your hotel room, or visiting friends and business contacts where you may have access to a landline phone and not want to use your GSM phone. We will happily provide access numbers for any country you may be visiting. You can also login to your account page below and see all the local country access numbers.

Perfect for layovers on the way back home, or for use in a country where it may not make sense to purchase another local SIM, you can use Bounce Back Plus  to save money wherever your travels take you.


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